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Interview with author Quentin Cope

Can you tell us a little about yourself as a writer?

A: Well, having spent a fortunate life engaged in world travel, mostly at someone else’s expense, when I finally slowed down enough to realise a rolling stone does never gather any moss of substance, then I felt the only sensible finale for such unbridled adventure was to simply get down and write about it. As an addicted novelist, I tend to write from experience, characterize people I have truly known and weave story lines around real events of the time. I consider the stories I write to be narratives that matter and I’m not afraid to approach difficult subjects as evidenced by the content and words inscribed on the pages of ‘The Arabian’. I think especially of ones that accurately reflect the reality of a particular period. For those of my readers who enjoy erotic thrillers with an historical twist; fictional characters intertwined with real events and storylines that will keep the reader turning the page, then perhaps this latest offering, ‘The Arabian’ is particularly for them.


How long have you been writing?

A: I have been writing in one form or another for many years but it is only since 2011 I decided to seriously play about with words on a full time basis.


Why did you decide to write this adult erotic thriller titled ‘The Arabian’, something which is a significant departure from your other novels, most of which you describe as historical fiction?

A: ‘The Arabian’ is a story celebrating the strength and determination of women placed in an unusual and extremely hostile environment. It also celebrates the sensuality of women, their dreams and desires along with inherent faith in one another; a quality possessed by all women but rarely put to the test as in this fascinating story. There are not many really ‘un-put-down-able’ books currently available as full length erotic thrillers, but I can assure my readers, this one definitely is!


How long have you been writing ‘The Arabian’?

A: ‘The Arabian’ has taken over a year to write and edit and for me this is a normal time frame for a full length novel. When the first manuscript was produced it stood at over 80 thousand words and was finally edited down to 66 thousand words. Like many other writers, I find that sometimes the editing can take much longer than the ‘writing’!


What would you want your readers to know about you as a writer?

A: I like to think I am a passionate writer and I ‘go to work’ every single day. I love words. I love playing with them and even more, I love creating with them. I write stories that are designed to be entertaining and enticing, accurately reflecting the reality of a particular period in time. Through the immeasurable power of words, I want to take the reader on a journey, travelling a series of exciting or tense scenarios, immersing them not only in the mindset of the characters but also their surroundings and social situations. In short, I want to make all of my novels readable to the very end and if in the eyes of my readers I come anywhere close to that expectation … then my job is done.


Are you writing any other book at the moment?

A: Yes.  I have recently started on the manuscript of a new full length novel best described as a political thriller relating to real characters and historically correct events. It’s set in America during the turbulent 60’s and 70’s. The heroine is a strong, dedicated character who finds herself forced to chart a complex life path through a minefield of near impossible decisions. I like writing about and creating individuals who could be described as emotionally strong and fiercely determined and this particular novel is a perfect stage setting for such a set of interesting characters. It’s expected that this particular work will be released in the winter of 2018.


What would you say is your favorite book?

A: My favorite book is currently a novel titled ‘Hard Act’ by superb novelist and writer, Glover Wright. He was a close personal friend of the inimitable and world recognized author Jack Higgins and I’m glad to say he was also a dear friend of mine. He sadly passed away in the summer of 2017 leaving a legacy of fine books behind him. His writing is completely atmospheric and his use of the English language allows the reader to become totally lost within the page. He will be missed by all who knew him as a person and readers who recognized him simply by the quality of his work.


What brought you to write ‘The Arabian’?

A: Having spent many years living in and travelling through the Middle East during the 70’s and 80’s, there are naturally many stories to be told about an area of the world that was not as well known and well patronized by Western Europeans as it is today. The story as told within the pages of ‘The Arabian’ is one of them. It is based on characters I knew and events that took place during this evolutionary time in the history of the Gulf States.


Did you ever consider and alternate ending for ‘The Arabian’?

A: Yes I did, in fact I wrote and rewrote several endings. However, I eventually felt that the main character, Leonora, was such a strong personality that she deserved a longer run than just one book. So, without giving too much away, I can tell you a sequel in now in preparation.


Is there a message in this particular novel that you hope readers will grasp?

A: Well, firstly I write to entertain not to judge or promote some form of crusade. However, there is a message within the pages of ‘The Arabian’ and it’s one of warning. The trafficking of sex slaves across continents is as much a problem today as it was forty or fifty years ago and sadly appears to be a subject destined to be kept well below the radar of many national policing authorities.


What is your preferred method to have readers get in touch with or follow you?

A: I am fortunate to have a broad presence on Social Media and can be found easily using the search term ‘Quentin Cope Author’. This Google search term will open up to several pages of links to my website, blogging and information sites, Goodreads account, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts etc


If you couldn’t be an author, what would your ideal career be?

A: I have enjoyed a varied career mostly involved with engineering and construction. I regularly used my own airplane to move around the Gulf in the 80’s and this was probably the most enjoyable time of my expatriate life. So, if push came to shove I would be quite happy flying for a living.