The Carlisle Trilogy

An unforgiving father and a distant mother are not the worst of Eve's problems!

What will happen to the most well known brothel in Europe when the owner dies?

How will Charlotte cope with life in the aftermath of an assassins bullet?


The 20th Century ... a time of peril, war and accumulation of massive wealth.

Who's sins will turn and run toward them in a decades long vendetta?

220,000 words and over 550 pages make 'The Carlisle Trilogy' a book for real readers!

This engaging saga follows the parallel lives of Eve Charbonneau and her son Gaston Voclain, someone cruelly snatched for her at birth on the instruction of a socially ambitious father and a mother too weak to interfere. When the Germans fall on France at the beginning of WWII, Eve is retired in Poiters having amassed a fortune gifted to her by her mentor, owner of the most famous bordello in Paris and probably the whole of France.

The lives of Eve and Gaston converge in a prison cell with the meeting orchestrated by sadistic Gestapo chief Herr Hauptmann Steiger. Gaston will eventually survive the encounter but his mother, Eve will not. With the undercover agent known by the fearsome Maquis in France as Agent Pierre uncloaked at the end of the war and offered a new identity as Glen Carlisle, he sets off to create a business empire with the money and assets left to him by his mother.